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Client Reactivation & Retention Programs

I guess it’s human nature (probably that whole desensitizing to the familiar trait) that most companies tend to focus all their marketing, sales, and best-foot-forward efforts on getting new clients vs. hanging out with the existing ones.

It’s paradoxical really. We all know it costs more to get a new client than to keep an old. But few companies have client retention programs, client reactivation programs or even stay-in-touch programs in place. But, they all seem to have some system for getting new business.

Now we can’t really help you fully understand the oddity of human nature, but... we can help you take extreme advantage of it. Think about how much revenue you can add to your company if you were doing business with all of the clients you use to do business with. Heck, even if you only got 10, 15, 20% of them back... would that impact your bottom line? What about keeping current clients longer and educating them so they buy more from you and possibly more often? Would that impact your bottom line?

Yes. We think so.

Maybe one of the reasons companies don’t put their attention on these efforts is because it can be challenging to put the system in place. There are a lot of moving parts to a formal system for getting clients back and/or staying in touch with existing ones. Even though it is far more profitable, there are several steps, and this is probably where the whole thing gets fuzzy for entrepreneurs.

If you can see the value in developing formal programs for getting old clients back and/or staying in touch with existing clients, but you just can’t see how to put the program together, call us. We’ll create a custom program for you and then... we will implement it. Creation and Implementation. It’s a beautiful thing.

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